SL exports 98 tons of fish to EU first week after ban lift | Daily News

SL exports 98 tons of fish to EU first week after ban lift


The Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development Ministry yesterday announced that Sri Lanka has exported 98 tons of fish resources to European countries during the first week after the lifting  of the EU ban. According to the Media Spokesman of the ministry thirteen fish exporting companies in Sri Lanka have exported 98 tons of fish products during the last seven days. Sear fish, Tuna, lobsters and prawns are the main fish species the among exported fish.

In addition several other companies have already agreed to get involved in fish exporting with the lifting of the EU ban. Accordingly 379 applications form these companies have already been received at the Fisheries Ministry to have Health Certificate Orders which are essential to certify the quality of fish resources.

“The demand for Sri Lankan fish has now increased due to their good quality,” he added.

“We had a loss Rs 160 million due to the EU ban and we hope to earn it with the support of the government,” the spokesman further added. 


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