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Oceanpick in new fish export project in Trinco

 The government is targeting a revenue of US$ 2.5 billion in fish export revenue to the country by 2020”, Primary Industries Minister Daya Gamage said.

He was at an event organized by Oceanpick (Pvt) Ltd at Eagles’ Golf Links, China Bay, Trincomalee,where the company unveiled its latest fish export project yesterday. “Today we have made a very good market environment for the fishing industry because of the lifting the ban of fish exports to the European Union. 


The European Union lifted the ban a few days back because of the sound policies of the current government,” Minister Gamage said.

“We want to take the country forward by developing the fish export to other countries. My ministry will assist whoever comes to the ministry seeking assistance,” Gamage said. “At the moment the aquaculture industry in the country is moving very slowly and we have done a research about it to develop the sector further.We got a project through the World Bank for our ministry and we were thinking what to do with it, after that we got to know that Oceanpick is breeding modha fish in the sea. At the moment the company produces 400 tonnes of fish for a year and they are going to double the capacity into 1000 tonnes during this year.

Oceanpick is the number one aquaculture company in the country and the company has a bright future,” the Minister said.

Public Enterprise Development Minister, Kabir Hashim – guest of honour, Founder and Director of Oceanpick, Irfan Thassim, GM Operations, Oceanpick, Fazli Nayeem participated at the event. 


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