Vocalist, music composer, producer and director, actor, dancer... The list just goes on. He certainly lives up to his name of being a versatile performing artiste. An ardent fan of the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, Dushyanth Weeraman has gained many triumphs in life including winning the second runner up title at the South Asian Super Star held in India in 2008 and bagging the Excellent Singer's Award at the 9th Shanghai Music Festival in 2006.

Dushyanth is mostly engaged in music these days having produced many new singles, music videos and organizing ongoing concerts and performances. He has joined a new band called 'Kurumba' and performs at Qbaa on Thursday nights. He is also practicing with his band, 'D-STAR'.

Q: What sets you apart from other vocalists in the field?

A: I think Dushyanth Weeraman is a very versatile performing artiste. He is an angry dancer and an emotional singer who truly gets into the emotions of a song. However most singers who have limitations in their skills/styles can conveniently claim doing cover songs as well as their originals in certain set forms or styles.

I believe otherwise. I think doing a good cover version in your own style is great but doing a cover as close to the great original artiste as well as varying your style of singing to suit the songs even for your own originals is very important. I think I have been successful in doing that.

This might not be a fact recognised by others but this is what I know of myself.

I have shown many vocal definitions in songs such as 'Pana Senehasa', 'Jeththu Noney', 'Karaliya', 'Vasana Lovak', 'Mathake Hasarel' and 'Obawa Mata Himi Na'.

Each time I do a variation people tend to say that I'm releasing yet another unique style without realising it! Being different within my own style is my style.

I sing opera songs as well as sound like Michael Jackson. I can sing like Freddy Mercury and then do a number that sounds like boy bands like the Backstreet Boys.

I like to become the art rather be an artiste.

Q: If you could not become a vocalist, what would you have been?

A: If I didn't become a singer I wouldn't have quit my job at Mercedes-Benz.

So I'd be a corporate guy. However, I would have always sung on the side. I cannot imagine myself not singing!

Q: What makes you super happy?

A: Appreciation and being recognize for my good work. It also makes me happy when I figure things out.

As in circles of life, the realisation of the truth and, of course, making others happy and getting them out of trouble or being able to get another out of hunger, danger, pain or sorrow gives me a sense of pleasure.

I like people with good hearts and good intension.

People with love, care, respect and truth attracts me. I love sincere people. They are the intelligent ones.

Traveling makes me happy as well. I love to travel to new places and eat good food. (LOL) Yes, food makes me very happy too.

Q: You have also ventured into the stage drama sector. What did you enjoy about them most?

A: The best part of taking part in a stage play is not in the performance.

We get to meet a lot of people and make friends.

We meet people in different levels but we treat each other on the same level. No matter who you are, everyone becomes one team and it's a great feeling when you have lived a few years as a public figure for sometime. It's kinda cool to be just another guy!

I remember once my guru Jerome de Silva scolded me in front of everybody for something I can't remember now. It was quite shocking but strangely, it felt good deep inside to feel like "now I'm just another guy".

I was part of the 'Phantom of the Opera' in 2002 and 2014. I played Raoul's character.

Then in 2004 I played Guttila's role in the musical 'Guttila'. I also portrayed Thomas in the musical 'Rag' in 2005.

Q: Besides music, dancing and acting, what are your other passions?

A: Philosophy and following up on religion, studying social activities and their mentalities and figuring out things really drives me. (Laughs) I always try to figure out the story behind the story.

I'm always with a lot of questions which need answers that most people can't or don't want to answer! (More laughter)

Q: What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the following?

A: a) Santhush - A very intelligent visionary and a lot of pride to know that he is my brother.

b) Sir Ben Kingsly - Gandhi

c) D Star Regiment - That's my dream kingdom!

d) Hashini Gonagala - I think it's fair not to answer this question because she and I are not together anymore. We are both with different people now.

Q: If they made a movie about you, what would the title be?

A: They should call it 'Mr. Versatile'.

That's what I am. Apart from being a singer, dancer and actor I am also a choreographer, a composer and a lyricist. I organize all my solo concerts.

I produce my music. Sometimes I direct and produce my music videos.

I even market them and most of the time I sell them too! Now I have my own visual and recording studio as well as a dance studio which run as separate businesses under the name 'Studio 48'.

I have performed locally and won many awards internationally. Recently I acted and co-produced a teledrama which was telecasted on Rupavahini.

I was into sports while I was schooling at Royal College. I opened the batting for the Royal College cricket team and got the highest score of the season with an average of 42.5. I also played as a Wing-three-quarter in the Royal Rugby team.

I was the Athletics House Captain and I was the Over all Sports House Captain. I guess it's my nature to do many different things all the time. Yeah, so call me me versatile!

Q: What is your most treasured possession?

A: The ticket to watch Michael Jackson's never staged "This is it" concert.

Q: If you could transform yourself into any kind of marine creature, what would you be?

A: Hmmm... (Thinks for ages. "Earth to Dushyanth... Hello, are you there?") Oh, I am so clueless. I have no interest to answer that question. I thought about it for a while now but couldn't figure out a suitable answer. Sorry! (Flashes a sheepish grin)

Q: What is the weirdest kind of dish you have tasted?

A: I have tried many Japanese dishes which were pretty weird but I cannot remember any of their names.

Q: What three things would you take with you if you had to spend a day on a desert island?

A: Lots and lots of food and beverages, shelter and and some video games! I think that should do for a day. (Winks)

Q: Relationship status?

A: I'm single as in I'm not married but I have a girlfriend.

Q: If you were stuck in an elevator with Michael Jackson, what would you do?

A: (Face brightens up.) We would definitely get to know each other. Then I would help him out and become friends forever! (LOL)

Q: Is there something you are most particular about?

A: Just doing it right and being true to myself.

Q: What do you hope to achieve 10 years from now?

A: A healthy life and happiness. 


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