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UBL program to develop SME's


The University Business Linkage Programme (UBL) has been launched to entails sessions in the universities with the SMEs to work out joint programmes under the guidance of the German experts.

The project entails sessions in universities with the SMEs to work out joint programmes under the guidance of the German experts. Establishment of joint research, student mobilization in assisting issues confronted with SMEs, encouraging final year graduates and post graduate students on practically oriented thesis and adaptation, establishment of UBL cells to assist are some key elements in this project.

The other main stake holders in this project are the Ministry of Higher Education, Ceylon Chamber of Commerce and Regional Chambers. This project is implemented by GOPA consultants of Bad Hombuirg, Germany in association with Conscope of Leipzig University and Multi-Teach Solutions (Pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka as the local coordinators.

The project is implemented in selected four Universities; Uva Wellassa, South Eastern Eastern and Jaffna University. The project which commenced in August last year has fulfilled the tasks as per the schedule.

Several workshops, forums are also planned in the regions and as well at national level.

The first national event was held in November, 2015 on the theme "Towards a Promotive University Business Linkage System in Sri Lanka".

The second national event which is planned to be held on March 14, 2016 from 4 p.m. to 6.30 p.m at the Committee Room C, BMICH under the topic "Managing Innovations in SME Practical Tools and The Role of Universities and Private Sector".

Developments in the global economy have changed the traditional balance between customer and supplier. Efficient communication systems, technology and global trading regimes, have crated customers to have diverse customer needs. These developments have resulted the business to re-evaluate the value propositions that they present to the customers. Good business models are interrelated to and to gain profit from innovation, it is required not only to look at the product innovation, but also at the business model.

The SME sector often finds it difficult in managing innovations without being guided due to their limited knowledge and exposure. The Universities can lay a major role in bridging this gap, combining their expertise with practical experience possessed by the entrepreneurs, to address the customer needs and ensure sustainability, the experience of large scale private sector entities and private entrepreneurs also will be useful in this exercise.

There could be wealth of valuable information and successful innovation models available with the corporate sector, which could be replicated in the SME sector.

The session intends to share experiences of the corporate sector, Chambers, individuals and to discuss successful practical tools in managing innovations used internationally and their adaptation to our country.

Secretary of the Education Ministry D.C. Dissanayake, the Chairman of University Grants Commission Prof. Mohan de Silva, Treasury representatives, representatives of Trade and Industry chambers, Vice chancellors of national universities, senior academics, representatives of corporate sector, and the UBL team members are expected to attend this event.

This is an initiative under the SME development programme in Sri Lanka, under the patronage of the University Grants Commission (UGC) and the Deutsche Gesellschaft fur International Zusammenarabeit (GIZ). 


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