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JVP leader calls for creation of youth force in tune with reality

The third National Summit of the JVP's youth wing, the Socialist Youth  Union was held at the Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium yesterday.


JVP leader and Chief Opposition Whip, Anura Kumara Dissanayake said they should develop a youth force in the country who are in tune with reality, as opposed to a society steeped in myths and unscientific mindsets.

He was addressing the third convention of the Socialist Youth Union (SYU) held yesterday at the Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium.

The JVP leader said that today they were living in a society filled with myths and unreality. "We should conserve our traditional myths to give an idea about the country's history to the future generation. But these myths and beliefs has no power to solve social, economic and political issues of the country.

“It is questionable whether the groups attempting to topple the government by dashing coconuts has the strength to lead the country towards prosperity. So we should form a youth front to save society from these myths and beliefs,” he said. Dissanayake also said that this youth front should not be a front led by a son of a President, Chief Minister or a Chairman of a Pradeshiya Sabha. So the Socialist Youth Union has the capacity to lead a socialist youth movement to change the prevailing social set up.

The JVP leader also noted that that various groups were trying to spread racism and discrimination in order to gain political advantage.

“We will never let any form of racial conflict to rise in this country again. We cannot label blood as Singha Le, Tamil Le or Muslim Le since we all have the same human blood,” he said. He said today all the capitalist countries have become victims of an economic crisis. So the exploitation of resources of other countries by creating conflicts in those countries is the only way of survival for these capitalist countries. Today Sri Lanka too has beome a victim of the trap laid by these powerful countries.

Dissanayake also alleged that the prevailing weak government of Sri Lanka has not been able to fulfill even the basic needs of the people. Today youth in this country have to struggle for their life and future. 

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