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Call to cultivate food oriented plants

M.D.Karunadasa with a group of disciplined drivers who attended a programme to promote a group of liquor and drug free star class drivers.


The country will automatically become self-sufficient in food requirements if people take up to the habit of growing food oriented plants, M.D. Karunadasa, a businessman engaged in a free social hospitality service themed "Mind Mending" to wean people away from the liquor and drug habit, said.

He said he is engaged in the free distribution of such plants among the public as part of this programme.

Karunadasa said he had successfully carried out this programme on the invitation in 32 countries including Japan, the US, England and Korea with great success and won awards and accolades from state officials.

He said he had got instructions to launch this programme from a Japanese national named Hamada who took a group of people representing several countries including him to Japan and trained them to spurn smoking, liquor and drugs through a very practical course.

Karunadasa said he is prepared to offer his services free of charge to wean away youths from the liquor and drug habit on request.

His contact number is 0776206862. 

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