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Sri Lanka Insurance felicitates high flyers

A student receiving her cash prize from an official of Sri Lankan Insurance.

Sri Lanka Insurance scholarship scheme awards ceremony was held recently at the Nelum Pokina Theatre.

Over 300 scholarships were awarded to achievers from 25 districts who applied for the Suba Pathum scholarship. The Unique Scholarship scheme was launched in 2013 June in an effort to nurture an academically sound generation.

This is the second batch of students, who will be awarded scholarships under the scheme. A total of 317 Students received Financial Scholarships, hailing from all corners of the country.

Top four students from each district who excelled in the grade five scholarship scheme, while the top four district level ranking students of the G.C.E (O/L) and top 100 students who excelled at national level at the G.C.E (A/L) examination comprising of 25 top ranking students each from the streams Bio, Mathematics, Commerce and Arts received cash prizes.

If the student's parents or guardian is a Sri Lanka Insurance Life Policy Holder the benefit will be offered for a continuous period as an annual payment until the child faces the next national level examination. Eligible students should apply for the Sri Lanka Insurance Suba Pathum scholarship scheme to receive the scholarship.

Sri Lanka Insurance has been in the forefront of spearheading projects that develop the children of Sri Lanka from its inception and is constantly striving to uplift and enhance the environment within which it operates and has taken a conscious effort to include sustainability reporting in to its balance sheet. The Company believes in nurturing the younger generation of this country with the aim to develop a generation of academically and physically sound Sri Lankans.



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