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Comfy KAY's launches pillow for nursing mothers, babies

 A Nursing Pillow being used to feed a baby

An infant support pillow that provides support to nursing mothers to feed their new-born babies was launched by Comfy KAY's in Colombo recently.

The contoured nursing pillow is designed to fit around the mother's waist easily, while eliminating the stress on the mother's back, neck and shoulders.

"This nursing pillow is both soft and comfortable yet firm enough to lift baby up to the required level for easier latching and relaxed feeding," said Maheshi Gunawardena, of Comfy KAY's. "The unique ergonomic design ensures correct feeding position by naturally rolling the baby towards the mother. When the baby gets older, the pillow functions as a prop to support and sit the baby up."

A few of the Comfy KAY’s Nursing Pillows.

These feeding pillows come with an attractive zippable slipcover which can be removed and either hand washed or machine washed on a delicate cycle. The inner cushion which has a soft and non-toxic fiber-fill can also be machine washed in cold water on a delicate cycle by itself.

Mothers who have used this pillow following natural birth and cesarean section vouch for its effectiveness and ease of use when feeding their new-borns, Gunawardena said. "Many mothers who have started using this pillow have told us that feeding has never been so easy." 


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