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New scheme for car permits

An alternative system will be introduced for public servants, including doctors to obtain vehicle permits within next few days .

A senior government minister told the Daily News last night that the government will soon evolve a mechanism through which public servants would receive around Rs. 1 million in place of a vehicle permit.

He said that most of public servants who are entitled to vehicle permits are in the habit of selling them and they can earn a profit of only Rs. 1million.

"We discussed the possibility of granting Rs. 1 million in place of vehicle permits," he said.

The minister said the United National Front Paliamentarians, including Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake discussed a gamut of issues at a residential workshop organized by the UNP in Bentota last week, and these issues included the abolition of the vehicle permits for government servants and granting of of monetary allowance in place of the fertilizer subsidy to farmers. He insisted that they will ensure that farmers can purchase their fertilizer requirement through the monetary grant given by the government in place fertilizer subsidy. 

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