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Right on the DOT!

Anuj Ranasinghe is a very confident ramp model, actor and TV presenter. He has been in the scene since 2010. He has First Class Honours from the University of Greenwich. He was the lead actor in Chandran Rutnam’s last movie ‘Me Vage Aadarayak’ (A Love Like This) which was screened at theaters recently. He is also a familiar face in music videos, his latest being Shashika Nisansala’s hit ‘Oba Ma Hamuwunada’. Tn’C got together with him to know a little bit more about this guy.

Q: So Anuj, do tell us how you got to be selected for this upcoming pageant?

A: Prasanna Pathmanadan who’s the National director nominated me for this pageant. We have known each other since I started modeling in 2010. He supported me the past two times when I represented Sri Lanka in an International pageant. So he has a high hopes for me about this pageant.

Q: What are the other two international pageants you participated in?

A: First was the International Best Male Model 2010 held in Spain which I won first Runners up. Second was Mr International 2011 held in Bangkok, Thailand where I was ranked in the top 15.

Q: Who are you?

A: A simple guy.

Q: How do you start you day?

A: By drinking a glass of water.

Q: Three things you can’t do without

A: My mobile phone, jeep and the gym.

Q: Who are the people you idolise/look up to in life?

A: My Father.

Q: Motto in life?

A: Success is easy when you do the right things at right time.

Q: Where do you see yourself in five years?

A: I want to direct my own movie.

Q: What are your fitness rules?

A: Say no to smoking and alcohol.

Q: You are thankful for?

A: My parents and all my friends. 

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