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Special Day Out with the family

The Galadari Hotel is offering special holiday day-out packages targeting the holiday season. This special holiday offer will commence from the month of April and will be available for those who wish to spend their holiday in the maximum fun and relaxation manner possible.

The Hotel is now offering its guests the opportunity to make the most of the holiday spirit with family and friends. It is the simple solution to have fun, enjoy, relax and have a memorable holiday experience all in one package. With a fun-filled relaxation time by the poolside with a splendid view, guests can experience the pool for free and enjoy the Coffee Shop lunch buffet, where a sensational spread will be laid out especially for them.

With the school holidays just around the corner children kids will definitely love spending quality time in our magnificent pool.

The Coffee Shop has always been famous for its lavish buffets. They are offering the grandest lunch buffet which includes mouthwatering food choices. After spending most of the day enjoying in the pool and soaking in the sun, one will be undoubtedly looking forward to a great lunch spread and this is just what they are looking forward to spoil guests with.


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