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‘Teacher-killer JVP exploits coconut girl’

Western Province Chief Minister Prasanna Ranatunga


The manner in which the JVP engaged in mass killings including innocent teachers in the past is an open secret, Western Province Chief Minister Prasanna Ranatunga said. He was making a special statement at a meeting of the Western Provincial Council in Battaramulla yesterday.
The Chief Minister was replying to a statement made earlier by JVP Provincial Council member Dr Nalinda Jayatissa. Dr Jayatissa in a statement alleged that an incident which occurred at the Horana Medhankara Vidyalaya recently, led to a national controversy and such things happen because adequate funds are not allocated to each school for its use.
Ranatunga said that unlike the JVP, they never tried to use schoolchildren to derive petty political gain.
He said collection of contributions are made in every school for various activities and there is an on going investigation into the relevant school and the girl concerned.
The Chief Minister said there was nothing to hide about this issue but he wished to reiterate that the Provincial Council had allocated sufficient funds to each and every school under its purview.
He said: “ I held a press conference regarding this whole issue and revealed all facts about the case. I also requested the media to desist from publishing sensational news which could cause an injustice to the schoolgirl concerned.
“I wish to thank the media for heeding my request and acting with responsibility.”
Dr Jayatissa alleged that the Horana Medhankara Vidyalaya had collected nearly Rs 1 to Rs 1.2 million and despite the presence of about 11 Education Ministers the issue concerning the student who collected coconuts went far to raise a major controversy.
This led to an uproar in the Chamber and the chairman of the council said he could not allow further debate on the matter.
UPFA member Yasapala Koralage said the coconut issue had become a topic of discussion in the school network.
“The land owner had taken the student who robbed the coconuts to the Police with good intentions. But after it went to Court, the lawyer who appeared for the student, tried to divert it to a major political issue. I will fearlessly state that this particular lawyer is a UNPer. Some people cannot stomach the peaceful environment in schools today,” he said.

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