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Lanka natural products industry to benefit from Int’l Neuroscience Workshop

Sri Lanka will host the 7 day International Neuroscience Workshop from December 14, at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura drawing.

The theme would be “From Bench to Bedside: Translational Neuroscience in Healthy Brain Aging and Neurological Disorders”, held under the auspices of the International Brain Research Organization.

This symposium would be an ideal opportunity for the Sri Lankan natural products industry to reach beyond the limits of local networks, into involvement with international delegations of high scientific acclaim natural products industry entering competitive global markets with a stride of innovation.

Within this, a symposium centred on the use of natural products unique to Sri Lanka to foster healthy brain-aging, will seek to create alliances between the scientific community and industrial world, through private-public-international partnerships for research on natural products (i.e. tea, cinnamon and other native herbs) enhancing value addition through innovative product development.

Benefiting both academia and industry, these developments are envisaged to greatly strengthen the global marketability of these products as health beverages.

The global costs of increasingly prevalent neurodegenerative disorders exceed US$ 1 trillion. Emerging natural product based neutraceuticals could provide the basis for a cost effective therapeutic approach leading to the development of patented products linking industry and academia -paving the way for the cutting edge technology to delay the progress of brain disorders.

The event will draw around 20 academics and clinicians of the highest caliber from Harvard Medical School, University of Cambridge, the National University of Singapore, Maastricht University, Fudan University, George Washington University and Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, India etc.

Discussions have also been scheduled with the Chinese natural products industry, by the Sri Lankan Embassy in China, following an addressed by Professor Ranil de Silva at the Federation of Asian and Oceanic Neuroscience Societies, and the Conference of Chinese Neuroscience Society in Zhejiang, China in September.

Professor De Silva will invite key individuals in the Chinese natural products industry for the said symposium at the proposed International Neuroscience Workshop to be held in December.

More details of this workshop could be obtained from Professor Ranil de Silva, Director of the World Class University Project at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura on email, [email protected] 

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