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Delmege Scooty Tharu Wasana winners selected

The Scooty Tharu winners with Delmege officials Picture by Vipula Amarasinghe

The Delmege Scooty Tharu Wasana special consumer promotion campaign's award ceremony was held at the Delmege head office recently.

This promotion gave away 60 pendants and three Scooty Bikes to the winners. One winner was selected every day to be rewarded with a gold pendant and one became an owner of a scooty bike every month.

All these gifts were won by sending three Delmege soya wrappers through mail. “Delmege Scooty Tharu Wasana” campaign was carried out in June, July and August 2015 for the second consecutive year.

Delmege Forsyth is a premier branded consumer goods marketing distribution company in Sri Lanka.

It is constantly working to provide consistent quality and value for money to it’s consumers, further more, Delmege has been the pioneer of introducing soya meat to Sri Lankan consumers.

It was first known as TVP (Textured vegetable protein) a 100% vegetarian product which contains high level of proteins imported from India.

It has nine variants, six from the normal range and three from the latest devilled range. Delmege soya meat has captured the consumer’s heart through it’s delicious taste, consumers shared their gratitude towards the b rand for these wonderful gifts given to them and more importantly praised the company for constantly providing quality products to the people of Sri Lanka.