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Seya Sadewmi murder

Kondaya reveals gory details of his alleged crime

Seya Sadewmi's parents. Pictures by Chaminda Niroshana

Dinesh Priyashantha alias Kondaya, who was arrested by the Police and CID for allegedly raping and killing five year old Seya Sadewmi in Kotadeniyawa had confessed to the crime, by revealing the graphic details of what he had done to this little girl.

Kondaya who was arrested while hiding in a jungle in Bemmulla also confessed about his previous misdeeds, since dropping out of school.

According to Police, Priyashantha alias Kondaya is a bachelor living in close proximity to Seya's house. He had confessed to raping and murderring Seya on being grilled by the CID.

Sources said that the suspect in his lengthy confession to the CID had revealed everything what he had done since he saw this little girl.

 Seya Sadewmi

In his confession Kondaya said, "My sister lives in Kotadeniyawa and I have visited her house on several occasions. I visited my sister on September 11 and on the way back, I saw a light coming from a room in Seya's house.

There was an open window and when I peeped in, I noticed three children and a woman sleeping on a bed. I noticed that one of the little girls sleeping in the bed was very beautiful. I too was yearning to be with this little girl as I like children."

"In addition, I also have a fascination of secretly watching women sleeping and bathing. I tried to jump through that open window, but, did not succeed. Then, I tried to open the front door and found unlocked and entered the room discretely. I wanted to rape her on the bed, but, she suddenly woke up and I panicked. Seya's mother was also sleeping in the same bed with her, but,did not wake up. I then carried the child out of the house," Priyashantha alias Kondaya said.

"The child was fast asleep as I carried her out of the house on my shoulder, but woke up again when I brought her outside. I tide her t-shirt around her neck in order to keep her quiet. I then took Seya to a thicket and raped her. She woke up again and I tide her neck again. I think she was dead by then. I then raped the girl several times in various ways," he explained.

Kondaya had described to the CID in detail how he sexually abused little Seya. Some gory details of Kondaya's revelations are unsuitable for publication due to the manner in which the crime had been committed.

Seya Sadewmi's house.

The suspect in his confession also revealed how that he had gone to his sister's home in Ingammaruwa after throwing Seya's body in a thicket near a river bank. He (Kondaya) said his brother became suspicious and questioned him after observing his blood stained clothes.

The Police said that the suspect had spent most of his life as a recluse; and had fled to the Bemmulla area and stayed in a cemetery for 12 days after allegedly committing this crime.

According to Priyashantha's mother, he used to wander here and there and spend most of his time in the jungle away from the public eye.

"Villagers have complained to me on several Priyashantha's various acts of misbehaviour. He had been assaulted by villagers several times by lurking in places where women bathe, for stealing women's undergarments and stealing pots of rice from their houses. The villagers have warned him on several occasions, but to no avail.

He is very obstinate. He never brushes his teeth and rarely washes his face or bathes. Instead likes to catch fish in streams and either eats the fish raw or cooks them over an open fire," she had revealed.

The Police said that this suspect is wanted in connection with several cases of child abuse, including the Seya Sadewmi rape case in Bemmulla, Gampaha in August. Police say they have already received a number of various complaints against him.

Meanwhile, the arrest and identification of the schoolboy by the Police has drawn protest. The mother of the schoolboy had corroborated that he was at home on the fateful day of the murder. However, the two suspects including the arrested schoolboy has been remanded till September 28. 

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