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Of films in many languages

z_p30-Of-films.jpgWhy do we watch a Movie/Film/Cinema? For that matter, why do we read fiction/flash fiction or even theatre/drama? It is for entertainment you would /may say. Right.

But it is not merely for sheer entertainment or to while away the time. At the same time, more serious minded people among us would like to be entertained in a fruitful manner, meaning that they look for artistic qualities in what they perceive. There are experts in particular fields of interests who are critics who expect certain standards in what they perceive. As against the dictionary meaning of criticism, such critics are not mere condemners, but appreciating the finer points in a workout and politely point out the shortcomings or defects in such works and thus hold a balance in their judgment. That’s why their candid opinions are welcomed by the creators of such works.

The perceivers of art are sometimes excited by the discovery of critics of things that did not strike them at first. The enlightened viewers or readers and the critics identify themselves with the characters in a film for instance and are engrossed in experiencing the same pleasures or pains. They learn how the characters resolve their problems and so on. They find what they could not do are achieved by the characters and are thrilled by their actions.

The above are some points discussed in an essay found in a book on cinema in general and reviews of mostly on international films seen at international film festivals. The bookis in Tamil and titled “Mukkiya Cinemaakali Parriya Suvaiyaana Kannoddam” (Tasteful Look on Important Films)

The book is published by Manimekalai Prasuram in Chennai and has short and useful information on outstanding films of the recent past. Apart from the European continental films, reviews of two Sinhala films-”Yuvathipathy” and “Saroja”- and a Tamil film made by a Lanka born Arunthathy who live in France are also included. The name of the film is “Mukam” (Face). There is also a brief article on Lankan Tami films, and comments on a few Tamil films made in Kodambakkamin Chennai. Other articles are on : ”What is a Documentary?”,the changing approaches in film criticism, Film Criticism, Training in Film Appreciation, a book in Tami on the art of cinema, a journal in Tamil on film criticism, pen portraits on Roger Manvel ,(a pioneer British film authority and critic) two Indian Tamil film actors Archana and Sivakumar), Adoor Goalakrishnan’s “Kathaa Purushan”, B Narasinga Rao’s Telugu film ”Daasi”, Film Direction by Indian women, Contribution by three Tamil women in film direction, Tapan Sinha’s creations ,Regional films of India, “A Man for All Seasons”, Ingmar Bergman, “Leon”, “Marana Simmaasanam” (a Malayalam film), Netherlands Film Festival in Colombo and Iranian film “Saara”.

The video presentation of a Chinese, Burmese, and American film are critically viewed in the book.

The remaining reviews are on films the writer has seen in Interrnational Film Festivals held in Indian capitals -New Delhi, Chennai, Bangalloru and Thiruvananthapuram. Such films as Meera Nair’s “Perez Family”, French films (Guardian Angels, at Chance, Son of Gagon, Le Peril Jejune, Between the Devil and the Deep Sea, Jeya Ganga,(made by French Indian Vijay Singh),and many more not listed here.

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