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‘Haj’ intention

Nazeer, his wife Nazeema and son Nyzar are of a small family. The husband works in a private company and the son having done his GCE (A/L) wanted to do a foreign job.

Both mother and son have a fear for the Almighty Allah and involve in religious activities. But the father is not so but will attend only the Friday prayers. Nazeema has an ambition of performing ‘Haj’ and will often talk about it. But of what use when they do not have enough money for it.z_p27-Haj.jpg

One day when Nazeer was resting in the verandha, Nazeema went to him and said, “I do not know when will I get the chance of performing ‘Haj’. Nazeer, who has often listened to these words and also who is not much to the religious side, said, “Your intention is good. Yet you have to wait till the opportunity comes.”

“Yes, but the thing is” replying to her husband said, “When those who visited that holy place, talk about the beauty of that mosque, piety of the devotees, the recital of the holy Quran, the divinity of the environment etc. I feel as if I have to go at the earliest.”

The husband regretfully said, “Please bear this in mind. I am the sole breadwinner in the family. You know how I manage to run it including spending for Nyzar’s successful education. But I will try to send either from the gratuity when I retire or if we can send our son to a middle east country for employment.”

The son who was listening to this conversation, assured his mother, “Mummy, do not worry, you need not wait till data retires. My friend’s father knows a foreign job agency and he said he would arrange for a job within the next few weeks.”

The mother being pleased, told Zyzar, “My dear son, those words of yours itself is enough to me. I hope Allah will help you in getting the job. Your father is a sick person and he depends on his job for our survival. He encourages me to perform ‘Haj’ though he does not pray Allah and do the other religious necessities.

As assured he gets a job in Abu Dhabi and leaves his parents with the hopes that all financial difficulties would come to an end in a few years time. The son being a talented boy rose to a good position in his company as the staff was also fond of him.

The promotion gave him a bigger salary and after sometimes he sent the necessary funds to his mother to perform her ‘Haj’. The parents were overjoyed by the kind deeds of their son.

The mother attended to all the pre-arrangements of the ‘Haj’ matters and finally booked the plane ticket. The departure was just two days before the incident of the crane that crashed in the Mecca mosque which killed over 100 and injured over 200.

Nazeer was a bit shaken over this incident. He said, “How fortunate you are. Had you gone, you too would have been sometimes killed in that crash. Now I am scared of sending you. Cancel the ticket and could think of it after a few years time.”

But unshaken Nazeema questioningly advised him, “Are you crazy to postpone it for a future time. If Allah wants to take my life He will take it at anytime.”

Nazeer replied, “May be, but listen to what I say. That does not mean we must ‘force’ death on us. The rain and the strong wind could suddenly continue again. Suppose, if another crane crashes and if you are amidst of it what will happen?”

Nazeema strongly telling him not to be a fool, added, “Do not imagine death in such a way. Only Allah knows when and where to get the life. Do not you remember how your pious brother died? He was praying in a mosque when he collapsed. Allah should have not done that to a ’good Muslim’ praying for Him, yet Allah did because He needed his life at that particular moment. May be there is a vacancy to such a pious man in the heaven at that particular moment.

Nazeer could not speak anything against her. Those few words made Nazeer realize the fact of life and had faith in Allah and fear of Allah. He said “actually my fear was that if he something happens there I will not be able to see even your body and within a couple of hours everything will be finished. Please forgive me for my foolishness.”

“Ask your forgiveness from Allah. He will definitely forgive you. Trust Allah for everything to be good.” Nazeer was mute. “My son will be eagerly awaiting for my ‘Dua’ (asking from Allah) for him from Allah from that holy mosque. Therefore, I shall go as for the arrangements.” She concluded.

The following day when Nazeema was going to a shop crossing the main road she met with an accident and succumbed on the spot.

Nazeer then realized the words of his wife who said ‘only Allah knows when and where to get the life.’ The Almighty and All-knowing Allah gave the chance to the husband to see her face and at the sometime the full merit of ‘performing ‘Haj’ was bestowed to Nazeema as her intention was very clear to anyhow perform the Haj.’ Since that day Nazeer too started a pious life.

Birth one way but death could be of different ways. May Allah protect all human beings from all risks. Let His kindness and mercy be to all the mankind. 

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