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Tears: for all occasions

Tears are a saltish secretion from the corners of the eye. Its purpose is to irrigate the corner of the eye and prevent it from drying out which is an automatic cleaning process. Tears are a reflex action, common to man and beast.

Natures gift in keeping one of our most sacred senses clean. Tears can flow in copious quantities at times. We learnt about its functions from our gentle angels of healing, who have seen tears shed by humans more than any of our kind, whilst on their journey in healing the sick and at times consoling those beside the sick.

An intimate secretion

Tears are the most intimate secretions of man, woman and child. Other secretions from cells and glands may at times cause humans to shed tears due to pain. Painful excretion could also produce tears. Our other senses - smell, touch, hearing and taste make tears to blur our eyes at times. All those who possess the gift of sight have at some stage in their life shed tears. Even our brothers and sisters who have lost their sight shed tears.

The tears of a mother on the throes of labour are those of pain. Suddenly these tears become a cascading fountain of love, when the lovely mother suckles her babe with the maternal blood turned to milk the universal sustenance of love amidst the tears of joys from all those around her.

A tear is the most beautiful manifestation of a mortals feeling. Humans are born in a vale of tears. Magnificent performances in the sports or battle field, in the theatre, law courts and in the political arena are reasons for tears. Tears are always at hand when we see something poignant, fascinating or awe-inspiring. Anger also makes tears to flow.

Cause of tears

Tears blur the letters while reading a sad novel. Also while reading a humerous tale listening to rib-tickling jokes or a funny happening. Tears flow down our cheeks when witnessing an unbearable tragedy. When there are disappointments, thoughts of loved ones far away, in sickbeds and breathing their last cause our eyes to be sodden with tears.

Then there are the tear-jerking films. There is always a happy mixture of love and tears when a man and a woman wed, tears of nostalgia. This means leaving the cozy home of parents to start a new home.

We can never forget the beautiful tears of repentance, gratitude and affection. Those tears are worth their weight in gold. Initial tears of guilt and despondency and hopelessness turn to tears of ecstasy when a person is forgiven for his sins.

Comparison of tears

Ones own tear ducts overflow and cause us to cover our eyes and noses in seeing our fellow human beings who are in despair and affiliation raising their heads and eyes, with clasped hands, praying to the Ones in whom they believe for their celestial intervention, while a river of tears flow down their cheeks. At their respective places of worship.

Tears of hypocrisy are compared to the poor crocodile’s physical appearance of a tear shedding eye. This sad comparison is in all languages Kimbul Kandulu. The world is full of persons shedding ‘crocodile tears.’ Tearful politicians facing the people and the media are found the world over. Then, there are those who shed abundant tears, may be with a crushed red onion hidden in the handkerchief at funerals.

Long years back, they had been hired tear shedders in funeral homes. A person’s rhetoric makes tears to flow, emotions to reach peak levels. Mark Anthonys words.

“If you have tears prepare to shed them now. Weeping Romans go on the rampage. The hunter becomes the hunted. Mark Anthony is happy. Tears flowed freely in Rome that day.”

Joy, sorrow, pain, forgiveness, repentance and empathy will lose their meaning if not for those pearly tear drops shed on their behalf. 

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