Malala Yusafzai is an extraordinary girl no doubt. She got shot and almost died for doing what most other young girls her age take for granted -- going to school. Recently the so called global media has been full of her remarkable story because Malala made a speech at the United Nations.

She told an audience of rather well known UN dignitaries including the Secretary General Ban Ki-moon that all people are equal in the eyes of god.

It was a stirring story no doubt – a girl who was almost fatally shot, recovering fast, and then being defiant against many odds. How inspiring if girls of Malala’s age in Malala’s home country, and in Afghanistan her neighbouring country had such chances, having survived drone attacks, which of course have killed dozens of their brothers and sisters just like Malala -- kids that didn’t necessarily even want to go to school but simply wanted to live …

But they had their right to life cut away brutally by stealthy predatory weapons called drones sent all the way from abroad, courtesy the American President Barack Obama.

Nobody talks about these girls, not even Dayan Jayatilleka! But by nobody it is mainly meant the elite in the vast global Establishment of countries that are supposed to be free -- and governed by free market economics.

Malala was one little girl – a single individual -- nearly fatally shot by a shadowy group of armed men in her country. But those girls and boys of her age killed in President Obama’s drone attacks are many. Yet, nobody is ever asked to talk at the UN on their behalf. None of those little kids orphaned by President Obama’s drone attacks are ever invited to the United Nations to deliver speeches of any kind. Anybody who tries to raise a voice on behalf of these tykes is also shouted down in many parts of the global Establishment.

For example, the editor of this newspaper submitted a comment to the British Guardian website on one of the website’s recent articles about Malala and her speech. The comment merely stated that those who are injured in drone attacks, girls the age of Malala, are never invited to speak at the United Nations.

The contribution which appeared on submission was soon taken down and can be seen by anybody with the submitter’s name still intact and a little note stating ‘this comment did not abide by our comment policy and community standards, and was removed,’ or at least something to that effect.

Obviously, the people at the very ‘progressive’ and forward looking and left leaning (!) Guardian don’t think that the lives of these girls dead in drone attacks are worthy of a mention.

Malala needs mention. Malala was the victim of the Taliban, which is of course the enemy of the leader of the global Establishment, the United States of America. Her victimhood is instantly rewarded and made famous with invitations to high places, and the promise of further recognition.

Girls and boys her own age that are killed in the war against the Taliban however, do not merit a mention in the media spaces of the “Free World’!. Rarely is a thing written about these young people’s plight -- you could say that they get in effect, no mention at all.

Why do they deserve this treatment? Are they terrorists? Maezol Khan aged three who was killed in South Waziristan could not have been a terrorist, unless Obama has given new meaning to the word terrorism. Noor Syed, aged 8 of South Waziristan, could not have been a terrorist. Naeem Ullah aged 10 of South Waziristan -- was he a terrorist?

Fatima Khan, age unknown but looking all of 3, could not have been a terrorist, surely? Sayed Wali Shah (7) of South Waziristan, was he a terrorist after all? Ayeesha aged 3 of North Waziristan -- no she was far too young to be a terrorist, right? These are the few among hundreds more killed in Obama’s drone war.

Nobody invites anybody of these kids to make speeches on their behalf in the United Nations. Nor do they invite many like them who have been orphaned as a result of the drone attacks. These drone attacks killed more Malalas than the Taliban ever dreamed of killing, yet Malala is the global media’s single heroine.

We rest our case.