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Lankan scientist to build quantified self device

Dilan Jayawardana after passing his advanced levels entered the Moratuwa University.

Thereafter he was granted a full scholarship to enter MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), the world's most prestigious university in science and technology.

Jayawardane graduated in 2006 in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Dilan Jayawardana

He is now planning to launch a new structure for the sector he loves to work. At the moment he is taking some time off to research ideas for his next company.

Jayawardana is planning to build a “Quantified Self” device that is wearable and will track the wearer's biometrics all day. The metrics tracked will include steps taken, heart rate, body temperature and importantly breathing patterns.

By tracking breathing the device will be able to act as a real-time stress aid. The device will be able to tell when the user's breathing is erratic and inform the user that they should take a break.

“ I am also looking into building a wearable EEG product, which will be in the form of a headband that will track the user's focus level. For example, a user will be able to wear it during a work day and track how focused he is, and have it help him be more productive. It can also be used in practicing meditation. In addition to this, he is now planning in starting a foundation to help Sri Lankan entrepreneurs reach a global market.

Sri Lankan web start ups face some significant challenges in reaching a global market that is additional to funding needs. This foundation will help Sri Lankan entrepreneurs by connecting them with prominent designers, developers and media personnel in the Silicon Valley.

Jayawardana had joined many companies around the world during . One of them is the Oracle Corporation in San Francisco (Californica) as an engineer with the core RDBMS team. Oracle is the worlds top database solutions provider and the second largest software corporation with a 125B USD market cap.

Further he explained many experiences of his with the Daily News. He was motivated to start his own company. in 2007 Jayawardana moved to the UK and joined forces with another engineer of Sri Lankan origin, Ajmal Aswer, an Oxford computer science graduate. They started Scoopler Inc.

in April 2008. Soon they were chosen to participate in the prestigious seed-funding program Y-Combinator.

After developing the technology for almost an year they launched on April 2009.

Scoopler ( was the first real-time search engine of the web.

It indexed live information of the web much faster than a traditional search engine such as Google did at the time. In addition it would algorithmically detect and organize information around breaking news topics.

For the research and development of the technology, Jayawardane raised several millions of dollars in funding from some of the most prominent investors in the Silicon Valley, including Ron Conway (often referred to as the godfather of the valley, a founding investor in Google, Paypal etc), Michael Birch (founer and CEO of, Europes largest social networking site) and Paul Graham (Famous author, essayist and computer scientist).

Scoopler has been featured many hundreds of times across various media outlets so far including the likes of The Telegraph (UK), CNN Online, Washington Post, NewYorkTimes, and San Francisco Chronicle. (A CD that containing these articles is available upon request)

In late 2010 the team behind Scoopler lead by Dilan Jayawardane launched JustSpotted essentially used advanced natural language processing techniques to derive even more structured information from real time data streams, creating a service that could track any famous personality across the world in real time, using automated crowd sourced data. JustSpotted took the media world by storm. It was featured in Good Morning America and Good Morning Australia even before it launched. It was discussed on many global news services such as BBC, CNN and was commented about by famous celebrities such as Megan Fox and Jim Carry. In August 2011 the team lead by Dilan Jayawardana at Scoopler/JustSpotted was acquired by Google Inc. At Google Jayawardana and his team played a leading role in the initial development of the new Google+ social network.

Soon afterwards Jayawardana joined the founding team of a high priority Google X project as a Product Manager. While this is one of the most ambitious and technologically advanced projects in development at Google, further details can not be revealed at this time due to its highly secretive nature.

Dilan's email address is [email protected]