Trayvon Martin, all of 17 years, was killed. He screamed for help and was shot dog like on the streets. Treyvon was black. His profile fitted the stereotype. His murderer thought that this was scum – ‘they always get away’ he said huffing in a 911 call.

George Zimmerman was his assassin in the plush, gated Florida community. He wasn’t black and though Hispanic strictly speaking thought himself to be a white-vigilante that helped keep unsavoury black and harmful types away from the community’s streets.

This week George Zimmerman was acquitted. The six member all female all white jury decided that it cannot be proved beyond reasonable doubt that George Zimmerman profiled the young Treyvon unfairly and then shot him dead in cold blood.

This has shocked the African Americans and other minorities in the USA. Al Sharpton the former Presidential candidate says he is astonished. Jesse Jackson the former civil rights activist has said this is not over and the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People had expressed unreserved shock and stated that they will do their utmost to see that the quest for justice for Treyvon Martin continues.

Why do these people say all this when there is a supposed jury verdict to the effect that the accused was free to go? Are they contemptuous of due process, and do they not know that a jury is supposed to discount emotions, forget prejudices, and rule on the basis of the law?

The point is that Al Sharpton and NAACP or Jesse Jackson are not crazy. Neither are they deluded. They just know that this was an open and shut case but yet, Martin’s death was not avenged because that’s the way things work in post-racial America.

Post racial? That’s what persons such as Rohan Edirisinghe the Americo-phile Sri Lankan law lecturer told us Sri Lankans once, months after Barack Obama an African American was elected American president. It was as if we had to know from him that the Americans had fully cured themselves of their racist past, while we primitives were wallowing in our own!

Al Sharpton states what he thinks about that in an article he contributed to the Huffington Post. ‘The post racial America that never came’, he bemoans.

The Treyvon Martin case is such a travesty of justice that it is clear -- just peruse Twitter space -- that a black child will not be able to walk the streets safely in USA in future, just because of his colour.

The Treyvon Martin affair has made it clear that obnoxious laws such as the Stand Your Ground legislation in Florida make it possible for white people to gun down African American kids on the pretext of protecting their communities!

It is exactly what happened in the Zimmerman case. The man was a paranoid loutish vigilante. He had a previous history of assault, and his defence, which was that Treyvon Martin -- the dead boy -- first pounced on him, and beat his head on the concrete and he shot him in self defence is stupendously thin skinned.

The timeline of the case clearly shows that the man never admitted himself to hospital and that he lamely produced some photographs purporting to be of him suffering from a bloody nose, weeks after the incident. But most importantly, the 911 call made by a neighbour makes it clear that there is somebody screaming for help just before the gunshot was fired that killed Martin.

 Treyvon Martin had said in a phone call that a ‘cracker’ was following him. The kid had with him a can of iced tea and skittles from a 7 Eleven store and was going home to his father’s fiancee’s to watch TV!

It’s also remembered that Florida police initially refused to pursue the case further until there were protests by American blacks. Well for their labours those protestors have got a show trial and an acquittal that adds insult to injury. This is the United States of sham. It’s the most racial, obnoxiously stratified country on earth but yet they want us to ‘reconcile’ with each other’s races in our country. No thanks mate – you stew in your own Zimmerman juice, we’ll be allright as we’ve always been for centuries. 


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