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Udayan misleading Northern Province voters - Minister Gajadheera

The Udayan newspaper has reported another news item arousing communal hatred saying that the government had threatened detained LTTE suspects to contest the Northern Provincial Council Election as independent groups and support the government.

Commenting on this news item, Rehabilitation and Prison Reforms Minister Chandrasiri Gajadheera said: "The Udayan newspaper is always trying to criticize the government and create a conflict in the country. They tried to create doubt among the civilians about the Northern Provincial Council Election."

"They tried to highlight that the decision taken by the government to hold the provincial council election in the Northern Province as a tactic to mislead the international community. But all their attempts failed and now they have nothing to say."

They are postulating several things which can happen in this election and trying to criticize the government maliciously, the minister explained.

The government does not need assistance from detained suspects to win the Northern Provincial Council Election.

The government has carried out a vital service for the Northern Province with the end of the war launching the Uthuru Wasanthaya development programme, rehabilitation programmes and resettlement programmes. All of these have led to create more trust in the government, he said.

In such a situation, civilians living in the Northern Province can understand the attempts of the government. The government will never need the assistance of representatives, he said.

"There is no doubt that the United People Freedom Alliance will win this provincial election as they have won the others," the minister added. 


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