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Particles in Dextran bottle:

Conspiracy by NGO to cause public outrage

Investigations conducted by the Health Ministry on the discovery of particles inside a Dextran 40 bottle had led to another 'discovery'. The particles found in the bottle are a part of the large scale conspiracy launched by a leading NGO against the government, Health Ministry sources said.

According to sources, this NGO has conducted a special meeting in Colombo with the participation of 'representatives' from every ministry. They had been instructed to create issues in their respective ministries that would cause public outrage. The NGO had promised them to pay US $ 20,000 for each 'issue' they create.

Representatives from the Health Ministry and Health Sector had attended this meeting, but, some had left it after learning the real objective of the meeting.

The NGO had promised the 'participants' to pay US $ 20,000 after they get the relevant electronic, print, web media reports on those 'issues' created by them, the sources said.

"Daxtarn 40 was one of these 'issues' created by a participant. The participant had received the payment after handing over media reports on the 'Dextran 40 issue' to the NGO. In addition to the Health Ministry, the Education, Power and Energy, Petroleum Ministries will also have various 'issues' in future created by the representatives of those ministries who took part in the meeting. The main objective of this conspiracy is destabilizing and toppling the Government, "sources added. 


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