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NSBM computing students' visit at WSO2

NSBM Computer Science Batch 12.2 organized an industrial visit to WSO2, a world famous open source middle-ware company, for a seminar for undergraduate students about the industry. The seminar covered a wide range of topics including the necessary skills a computing student should acquire an introduction to mobile and cloud computing and an insight about the various jobs available in industry. The students were warmly welcomed and it was a well organized seminar. In the first session the seminar focused on future goals and how to achieve them and the skills required of being a competent candidate in the IT industry.

The second session focused on new trends in mobile development including different platforms and developing cross-platform applications. Further, WSO2 Mobile introduced their new subsidiary company and their open source mobile products. Before moving on to the next session the WSO2 Mobile team organized an interesting team activity that encouraged students to showcase their resource planning and time management abilities. The last session of the seminar discussed software companies, marketing as well an introduction to open source software and cloud computing. At the end of the seminar they distributed free WSO2 T-shirts.

This was NSBM Computer Science students' first industry visit and it was a most riveting experience. Cheers to WSO2 for investing time and money on behalf of new comers to the industry and showing them the way to success. Located to the heart of Nugeogda, NSBM is a fully own Subsidiary of National Institute of Business Management (NIBM) functioning under the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Skills Development. For the first time in Sri Lanka, the concept of the 'Green University Town' will get underway with NSBM as its main campus on a 26 acres land at Homagama with the capacity to accommodate 30,000 undergraduates to study in the state of the art university facilities. 


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