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Dengue deaths cut down drastically

The Health Ministry had been able to cut down the number of dengue patients drastically. During the first half of June, 92 dengue deaths were reported, but this year only 44 dengue deaths have been reported for the past six months. Health Deputy Minister Lalith Dissanayake said.

According to Deputy Minister, the ministry was able to achieve this significant improvement of a 50 percent decrease of dengue deaths due to the advanced treatment and specialized foreign training provided to health staff with the assistance of Thailand.

Deputy Minister Dissanayake expressed these views after handing over motorcycles costing Rs 30 million to Public Health Officers (PHIs) and Entomologist Assistants, for dengue control work free of charge. He said the government has allocated Rs 125 billion this year for the health sector.

Even though these funds and resources had been allocated, certain persons and organizations were spreading fabricated stories about the sector. They were trying to destroy the faith people had on the health services, the Deputy Minister added. 


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