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Puttalam leads in renewable energy production

Around 50 mega watts added to national grid annually:

The Puttalam district is leading in generating renewable energy adding the largest amount to the national grid in line with the government’s move to generate more renewable energy to meet the ever increasing demand for electricity, Puttalam District Secretary H Kingley Fernando said.

The government implemented several renewable energy generating projects in the Puttalam district. Around 50 mega watts by renewable energy generating plants is added to the national grid annually. He was addressing a media seminar organized by the Government Information Department recently under the theme “the role of provincial journalists for district development” in Puttalam.

Fernando said Mullipuram wind power plant which has two phases adds 20 mega watts with 25 generators to the national grid. Mampuri generates 20 MW with eight turbines.

He said all projects contribute 52.56 GWh renewable energy annually to the national grid.

The quantity of renewable energy would save about 10,000 metric tons of diesel to generate an equivalent amount of energy from thermal power generation per year, he said.

Renewable energy cuts down about 40,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere per annum.

The first phase of the Norochcholai coal power plant adds 300 mega watts to the national grid. It will be increased by another 600 mega watts through two phases.

The construction of these two phases are in progress, District Secretary Fernando said.