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SLFP women’s power to be increased

The women’s organization of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party would be taking measures to increase its membership, so that it could strengthen the government that protects the ordinary people, said Power and Energy Minister Pavitra Wanniarachchi.

She made this observation at a meeting of the SLFP Women’s Organization, held at the New Town Hall in Colombo.

Minister Wanniarachchi stated that a week was necessary to increase the membership of the SLFP women’s organization which would commence from June 09.

She said that the common man and woman benefitted under SLFP governments, adding that the Mahinda Chintanaya had been formulated to match the present and future needs of the people by President Mahinda Rajapaksa, based on the vision and policies of late Prime Minister SWRD Bandaranaike. The country she said, was going forward with the Mahinda Chintanaya vision.

She also said that the SLFP governments set up factories with the support of countries such as China and Korea, but the UNP governments sold them. However, the Mahinda Chintanaya government had begun to develop the villages to provide relief to the common people. He added that the President had entrusted her with the responsibility of providing electricity to each house by 2015.

The wife of Prime Minister D M Jayaratne, Mrs Anula Jayaratne, Mrs Kusum Wickramanayake and Parliamentarian Kamala Ranathunga too were present on the occasion.


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